Diamond Series

Let your pool sparkle like a diamond with a coating from our Diamond Series, one of the most desirable pool coatings on the market, featuring smooth glass beads in vibrant colours. Each polished bead has a unique irregular shape so that the sun reflects through the water with a spectacular shimmer. Diamond Series pool interiors are non-fading, chemical resistant, low maintenance and super smooth to touch.

Arctic Series

Available in a range of colours that will complement any pool setting – from traditional to ultra modern – the Arctic Series is our more economical finish. This range still features our signature glass beads (just less of them), blended with fine premium grade white quartz aggregates for a low maintenance pool interior that is colourfast and durable.

A NOTE ABOUT COLOURS: Photographs of AQWA Glass interiors featured on our website are available as a guide. Environmental factors such as weather conditions (e.g. cloud cover), site aspect, surrounding colours and water depth will all affect the appearance of our pool interiors, which are applied by hand. Different monitor settings on your computer may also affect how the colours appear to you.